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A change of scene we’ve taken flight
The old school times are out of sight
The teachers whom we’ve loved have gone
And we’re left alone…
‘tis not the end..
For we will cherish the memories
For far, far away someone is caring
And the world is sharing
Beautiful and new…

Yes, the prime aim and objective of the Alumni Association is to pursue activities which would engender a sense of belonging, camaraderie and strengthen the bonds between the students and alumni and the School. Through this association we hope that the students will contribute towards development of Delhi Public School as a premiere Public School and encourage values of modern education and the ideals for which the School stands.

The Alumni Association aims to work for the welfare of the past and present students and teachers of the school and to generate amongst the public,awareness about DPS Vadodara and its role in training students to become capable citizens of the country,

Sensitization towards social issues is an integral part of the curriculum of the school and so taking it beyond the realms of the school the Alumni Association aims to work towards the goal of sensitization to issues such as gender equality and empowerment of women/girls, protection of the environment and protection of wild life. Taking this a step further it aims to join hands with Saakar Outreach – a non government organization working for the welfare of the women and children of the marginal section of the society and to render help to Shiksha Kendra which is working under the aegis of Saakar Outreach in its academic, social and cultural activities .

The Alumni Association will institute scholarships and fellowships for needy and meritorious students and will strive to encourage such cultural, sports, scientific, literary and charitable activities which are in consonance with the education imparted in the school and useful for diffusion of knowledge. The objective of this will therefore be, to communicate the activities of the Institution and alumni and to participate in activities contributing to improvement of academic, cultural and sports activities of the school and to help the school with matters concerning its promotion, development and welfare.

The Association will strive to pursue such other activities as are approved by the General Body of the Association.

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